Saint Aidan’s Outreach Ministries support a range of projects, organizations and activities. Our parish’s members give generously of their time, talent and treasure to make a difference in the world in the Name of Christ. From providing a meal for Aids patients to working with underprivileged youth, Saint Aidan’s Outreach Ministries has a place for you.


Our outreach efforts are directed primarily at the homeless and disadvantaged and are accomplished in three ways:

  1. “Drives” and direct contributions donated by members of the congregation outside of our normal operating budget.
  2. A percentage of the church’s outreach budget given to specific charities each Month.
  3. Volunteer work and community service.

The following are organizations supported by Saint Aidan’s Outreach:


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School on Wheels


School on Wheels is a Malibu-based organization whose mission is to ensure that homeless children in L.A and Ventura counties are registered for and attend school. Their goal is to shrink the gaps in the education of these children and provide them with the highest education possible.


During the year Saint Aidan’s donates backpacks and supplies and holds book drives. We also help find tutors to teach one hour per week. Anyone interested in tutoring should check the website.

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Dorcas House

Dorcas House is a shelter for 40 children of inmates in the Tijuana prison system where they are able to live in a safe and clean environment and attend school. This wonderful program has been part of St. Aidan’s outreach efforts for many years.

In 2006 The Cathedral Church of St. Paul San Diego assumed responsibility for Dorcas House as part of their outreach ministry to the greater San Diego/Tijuana community. Dorcas House receives minimal support from the Mexican Government and exists through volunteer funding and support from Episcopal Churches in the Los Angeles and San Diego area.

In addition to financial support, St. Aidan’s supplies pajamas and sweat suits that are individually wrapped and given to each child at Christmas time. Also, both the church and individual members of the congregation “adopt” children living at Dorcas House, providing cash donations to cover their food, housing and necessities.

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Malibu Labor Exchange

Malibu Labor Exchange is an established day labor hiring center where the poorest workers in the community have an opportunity to acquire day work that could lead to regular employment and a better future. St. Aidan’s has given the Labor Exchange financial support, legal assistance, food and English lessons through Spanish-to-English Bible translation.

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Operation Read

As part of "Operation READ", volunteer parishioners tutor reading to incarcerated youth at Camp Miller in Malibu. Many of the young men there have known nothing other than gang life and learning to read well is the first step at a chance to turn their lives around. Without good reading skills they have little hope of finding work upon their release. Project READ is our newest ministry and we're finding that it can be a powerful catalyst for positive change. Just knowing that there are people who care about their future has had an amazing impact on the lives of these young men.

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African Team Ministries



Some samples of the fine jewelry and carvings available for purchase through African Team Ministries.

African Team Ministries was founded in 1984 as an intermediary ministry between African and American churches to provide funds for orphan and refugee relief, missions and evangelism in East Africa. The group currently has children registered for sponsorship in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Each year at the holidays, St. Aidan’s sponsors a sale of jewelry, carved items and other gifts handmade by the women in Africa. Proceeds from the sale are sent to provide school fees, tuition, books, and uniforms, ensuring that the children receive education and a measure of stability needed to rebuild their minds.

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Sierra Service Project (SSP)

"Sierra Service Project invites young people to experience the life changing power of Christ's spirit through acts of service repairing Native American homes. SSP is committed to creating community and teaching selfless service by reaching out to those in need."

Summer 2009 will be St. Aidan’s 7th trip on a Sierra Service Project. We have been invited back to Walker River, NV. where we will undertake a major renovation project. Past SSP Projects have included: Round Valley, CA. (‘03), Chiloquin, OR (‘04) Big Pine, CA. (‘05) Lukachukai area of the Navajo Nation at Four Corners (’06), Walker River Paiute Reservation in Schurz, Nevada, ('07) and Big Rock Arizona in the Navaho Nation. (’08)

The High School Group enthusiastically helps with painting, roofing, and building stairs, floors and wheelchair ramps. In exchange they have had experiences they will never forget. SSP has a profound impact on the lives of its campers, staff, volunteers and host communities.

Come join us!

For more information please see: Spiritual Formation and Sierra Service Project

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Community Outreach

St. Aidan’s community outreach takes many forms. The church served as a staging area for firefighters during fires in ’93 and ‘96, as well as a refuge and lifeline for people burned out in those fires. St. Aidan’s is also a familiar polling place for voters, and a regular meeting place for community groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous.

St. Aidan's Outreach currently has a solid base of programs and relationships with charitable organizations. In the future we will continue to expand and deepen our commitment to these groups, while at the same time exploring new organizations for potential support.

For more information on St. Aidan’s Ministries, please contact the Church Office @ 310:457-7966