Coffee Hour
On Sunday mornings there is a coffee hour after the later service. Coffee and snacks are provided by parishioners on a rotating basis. This program is key to the fellowship and community spirit at St. Aidan’s and gives the Parish the chance to welcome visitors and new members, greet each other and exchange news.



Annual Parish Dinner 
The Annual Parish Dinner is a catered affair held each fall to inspire the Parish in the area of stewardship. There is always a guest speaker and this past year we were blessed to have Bishop Jon Bruno, who gave a stimulating and informative presentation.


Christmas Open House/Advent Dinner 
During Advent, Parishioners gather at the Rectory for our annual Christmas Open House and Carol Sing. A festive meal is enjoyed, followed by the singing of Christmas carols as we all get into the spirit of the season.







Hiking Group

The St.Aidan’s Hiking Group meets on Saturday mornings to explore the local trails.



Shrove Tuesday Dinner 
The Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, St. Aidan’s holds its well attended annual Mardi Gras Party. Shrove Tuesday is traditionally a day when pancakes are eaten, or, as is the case at St. Aidan’s, a crepes dinner is served. Many years ago, before the advent of refrigeration, in anticipation of the austere Lenten season, people made sure they used up all the food items they wouldn’t be able to use and would certainly not keep. Foods like eggs, milk, and butter…all the ingredients for pancakes were cooked up and a feast was held. After our delicious dinner, St. Aidan’s continues its “Last Blast Before the Fast!” party with a best joke and craziest hat contest. And don’t forget, whoever finds the little toy baby in the King Cake gets a special surprise!



SABEL Cast and Crew Party 
At the conclusion of the play festival, the cast and crew of the SABEL group hold a party to thank everyone for their hard work and celebrate the conclusion of another successful presentation.






New Member Receptions 
Several times a year, the Vestry and Clergy of St. Aidan’s invite new members and their families to a social gathering to welcome them to the church community. Everyone gets to know each other a little better and the Vestry has a chance to share with the new members about the ministries at St. Aidan’s.



Parish Work Parties

Parishioners rebuild the "veranda" on the church building.

Parishioners join together a few times each year to pitch in and spruce up the grounds at St. Aidans. We call it “Sweating for a Good Cause!” All join in gardening, painting, trimming and fixing whatever the campus needs. Lunch is provided and everyone always has a good time. 


Poetry Readings
Recently, St. Aidan’s held two poetry-reading evenings at a member’s home. Both were extremely popular and brought in participants who are not regular church members or who have never attended the church. People read and shared poems and other talents, and the evenings were a wonderful success. We hope to continue having readings in the future.