How to reach the Rev. Dr. Joyce Stickney, the Rev. Paul Elder, Music Minister Sara Banta:

Call the Parish Office at 310-457-7966 and follow the forwarding prompts to be connected or to leave a message.

How to reach the Rev. Ed F. Milkovich:

Call: 818-326-5350 or email:

How to reach Parish Intern Pauline Van Backle:
Phone:  925-336-0302 Email:

Parish Office hours held by Parish Administrator Nathaniel Sherrill:
Nathaniel's office hours are usually Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, 12 am - 6 pm. Always call in advance before coming to the office. We don't want to miss you! For assistance during any business hours Monday - Sunday, simply call the office line at 310-457-7966 and following the forwarding prompts. You will be connected directly to Nathaniel or you can leave a message he'll receive promptly.