Ever wonder who does all the behind scenes work, who tends the candles, who prepares the wine and wafers for the Eucharist, who changes the hymn numbers?…The women of the Altar Guild.


This unsung but rewarding work is essential for our beautiful and orderly services. The Altar Guild is a great community of women, not only working together for the benefit of their church, but with one another building bonds of friendship and faith.


The Altar Guild has recently added a Flower Ministry to its list of important responsibilities. Information and instruction is available to anyone interested in learning to arrange the flowers placed on the altar for Sunday services. One need not be “artistic” to learn and enjoy this ministry and may also participate by simply ordering and picking up the flowers for the church. Within this service lies an additional bonus...the wonderful spiritual meditation that flowers may bring.


In addition to our regular duties, the Altar Guild hosts the Maundy Thursday Agape Supper and has an annual Christmas luncheon in December with a hilarious white elephant gift exchange.

New members are always welcome!